Resilience is our capacity to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. To pay homage to the remarkable resilience of the traumatic brain injury (TBI) community, we’ve established a monthly giving program.

By investing in LoveYourBrain with a monthly gift of any amount, you’re joining the Building Resilience Project, a community of dedicated individuals who believe every person affected by TBI should be connected to a supportive and compassionate community. Each month you’ll also receive a guided meditation, brain tips and quarterly program updates.

  • Schedule a recurring donation at any level to make giving part of your practice.

  • Practice, your way. You can log into your account and pause or adjust your gift at anytime.

  • Receive meditations every month to deepen your practice along with quarterly updates on how your investment is making an impact.


Monthly giving helps us avoid the peaks and valleys of funding, ensuring we can allocate more resources to program development, expansion, accessibility, and building awareness for TBI.

Inevitably we’re all faced with challenges that will test our stability. Many people affected by TBI are met with ongoing challenges. With your commitment, we can help them to rediscover the possibility, meaning, and optimism in life.


You'll receive monthly meditations to keep your love your brain practice in-check, as well as quarterly program updates so you understand the impact of your dollars.

Monthly giving provides consistent support each year while creating an easy way to make a significant impact over the course of your membership. Simply put, monthly giving works for your budget and your schedule.


Investing monthly allows you to join a dedicated group of supporters who understand the importance of making a sustaining commitment to creating a world where everyone affected by TBI is connected to a compassionate community.



Monthly giving enables us to invest in specific areas of our work, expand our programs and be innovative in our approach. TBI often presents lifelong challenges so it’s critical that our programs stay strong for the long term.

  • $5 per month supports one person with TBI and their caregiver to attend a free gentle yoga class

  • $10 per month supports 10 students to participate in love your brain education, including mindfulness and TBI prevention

  • $28 per month supports one person with TBI and their caregiver to attend our free 6 week gentle yoga series

  • $57 per month supports one person with TBI to attend our free week long retreat

  • $128 per month provides scholarships for four teachers to complete our yoga teacher training

  • $417 per month provides food for a LYB retreat serving 40+ people affected by TBI

  • $1,668 per month covers the cost to launch and sustain the LYB Yoga program in a new location for 1 year


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