Caregiver Retreat FAQ:

Who attends?

Our Caregiver Retreat is designed for adults who are personally and directly serving in a caregiving role for an individual with an acquired brain injury.  You also must be interested in participating in an interactive group setting focused on our core pillars of community, mindfulness, movement, and nutrition to promote personal growth and healing.

Caregiver Eligibility Overview

  • Adult (18+)

  • Personal and direct connection to acquired brain injury, including concussion and other forms of TBI, stroke, tumor, hypoxia/anoxia, etc (Spouse, Sibling, Parent, Partner)

  • Medically stable to participate in a multi-day, overnight experience

  • Physically able to walk and participate in gentle movement and yoga

  • Available to attend entire event

Would this serve me?

In addition to the eligibility criteria, this experience may be most beneficial for those who are:

  • Eager to connect with others with unique but shared experiences as caregivers

  • Interested in learning how turning inward can further improve more skillful communication, gentle care, and patient listening.

  • Open to engaging in group discussions

  • Motivated to carryover lessons from retreat into daily life

What is the cost?

Our caregiver retreats are offered at a cost through locations such as The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. These costs vary based on accommodations. For each retreat, LoveYourBrain offers the opportunity for partial scholarship through an application process. Additionally, each participant is responsible for their travel costs to and from the retreat location.

How do I apply?

When we have availability, our application form will be available on our website. Once reviewed, applicants will be contacted for next steps within 2-4 weeks. All applicants will be contacted to be informed of our decision. Make sure to sign up for our newsletters and follow us on social media where we will update you with new retreats and availability.

Why is availability limited?

We are deeply committed to creating intimate spaces where people can authentically and vulnerable connect, so we intentionally keep our group sizes to under 15-20 people. We are working to expand to different locations and partnerships, allowing us the opportunity to open more spaces to new participants. Our numbers will vary depending on the location and focus of each retreat. We will create as many spaces for participants as possible, while maintaining a group size that allows for us to offer the most meaningful program possible.

Will you host more retreats in the future?

Yes! It is our intention to expand our retreat program. We are interested in offering retreats at more locations, and with different focuses, to make these accessible to more people each year. If you know of any retreat centers that may be interested in hosting us, please let us know.

If you have additional questions about our retreat program, please contact our Retreat Manager, Amber Davey at