Educational Curriculum

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We believe that teaching the next generation about key concepts related to traumatic brain injury—what it is, how often it happens, and the potential consequences—will give youth important perspective about their brain health. Empowering youth with tools to be more mindful in their decision-making will help them to better navigate challenging situations and ultimately reduce the likelihood of experiencing head injury.

High school athletes are at a particularly high risk for TBIs

What sets us apart

Our neuroscience-inspired, mindfulness curriculum is designed to educate youth about traumatic brain injury, the power of the mind, and the steps to make more informed decisions.

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Engage and Inspire

  • Screening of award winning HBO Documentary, “The Crash Reel"

  • Utilize the power of film to educate around the primary themes of risk-taking and mindful performance, as they pertain to concussion and traumatic brain injury.

  • Completed in class or as homework



  • Learn about the LoveYourBrain Foundation and traumatic brain injury

  • Traumatic brain injury—what it is, how often it happens, and the potential consequences


Skills Building

  • 10 day Mindfulness Challenge that will encourage positive-thinking and  awareness of our thoughts and their influence. (e.g. stress, anxiety)

  • Cultivating positive thinking and resilience

  • 5-7 minute meditations, daily

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"We believe in a world that prioritizes brain health."

- Kevin Pearce


Our program launched as part of the 2015 Youth Screening Series, led by Tribeca Film Institute.


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