Meditation challenge enrollment options

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$28 supports one person with traumatic brain injury to attend a LYB gentle yoga class.

$56 supports one person with traumatic brain injury and their caregiver to attend a LYB gentle yoga class.

$169 supports one person with traumatic brain injury to attend the whole LYB gentle yoga series (6 classes).

$385 provides a scholarship for one teacher to complete our yoga teacher training.

$1,540 provides scholarships for four teachers to complete our yoga teacher training.


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As part of MindfulMarch, we are offering a 31 day Meditation Challenge to support you in cultivating greater awareness, compassion, resilience, acceptance. These unique and accessible meditation practices are designed for beginners and for those who have been practicing for years using four themes:

WEEK 1: Awareness

Immerse yourself in the present through meditations using the breath as an anchor, mindful walks, body scans, and more.

WEEK 2: kindness and compassion

Bring understanding and kindness to our experience through meditations that explore our connectedness, foster loving-kindness, work with with difficult emotions, and more.

WEEK 3: Resilience

Build resilience through meditations for observing your inner critic, reducing stress and anxiety, working with habitual reactions, and more.

WEEK 4: acceptance

When you acknowledge the reality of any moment, letting go of ideas about how things “should” be or how you wish they were, you are practicing acceptance. Practice acceptance through meditations on non-judgmental awareness, and more.

what to expect

Our goal is to enable all peopleparticularly those affected by TBIto experience the powerful impact of meditation. We hope the month of practice helps you gain new tools for living a more balanced, kind, and authentic life, and provided you with inspiration to integrate meditation into your daily life.

Practices are led by seasoned teachers, including Josh Blatter, Jackie Farrell, Ryan Bean, Emma Sabourin, Heather Wiest, Sarah Moody, Kyla Pearce, Jonathan Prescott, Sammy Mattei, Beckett Johnson, and more!

How it works


Enroll for just $28 (or more) — that’s less than $1 per day — and you will receive these benefits:

  • Every morning in March, we’ll send you a unique and accessible meditation practice to start your day.

  • We’ll share inspirational quotes designed to spark new perspective and meaningful reflection.

  • We’ll support you to build your mindfulness skills by guiding you through exercises, like journaling and mindful eating.

How to sign up and access the Meditation Challenge:

  • Pay the membership fee of $28 (there are options to donate in addition) and feel good about the difference your investment is making — $28 supports one person with traumatic brain injury to attend a LYB yoga class.

  • Follow the prompts to create your account. Please save your username and password because you will need it to access the meditations.

  • Please note! You will receive a confirmation email after enrolling. If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam and promotional folders.

  • During March, we’ll send you an email every morning to the address provided with a link to that day's practice. If you fall behind, you will have access to all 31 meditations throughout the month.


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