When healing from a TBI, creating a wellness environment that allows you to love your brain is key. LoveYourBrain Retreats are designed with an integrated approach using our core pillars: community, mindfulness, movement, and nutrition. We believe these pillars help people cultivate the resilient mindset, physical capability, and support system essential to one’s health and happiness.


Creating a stronger connection to oneself, people in their lives, and a broader social network.


Using awareness to cultivate a more compassionate, flexible, and accepting landscape of the mind.


Promoting physical empowerment, mental clarity, and realistic optimism.


Fostering a healthy relationship with food and a better understanding of its role in brain health and healing.

Retreat for the TBI community


retreat for caregivers


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“Explaining a brain injury to people is difficult. It’s not like a broken leg that you can see and watch heal. It’s invisible. But at the LoveYourBrain Retreat there’s nothing to explain because everyone understands our difficulties and challenges because they live with them too. There’s this look in their eye that says, ‘I totally get it, I know exactly how you feel.’”
— Connor